METACONTENT by Mark Allen Shepherd

bright light flashed flitted across my mind filled my head a symbolic realm

while the eye of God blazed like the sun beautiful, transcendent leading up to the stars opening up deep and mystical a crack in the cosmic egg

ancient symbols of ages past almost alive surpass time to tell a story a magical flutter strange and wonderful

a spontaneous and undifferentiated oneness random and perpetual faceless like clouds

a perfectly real, conscious, illusory light like a shaman poised on a wave of timeless nowever an invisible chord connects us dancing along the inner corridors

celebrating messages long forgotten lost to something so strange as a name like bizarre alien artifacts strewn along highways driven out of some more intense mode of existence mingling, merging, imaginal seams of inner life a brilliant sorcery of reflections of nature of reality itself a forest of epiphanies

angels of chaos opener of doors vision tricksters dance delirious behind their masks antics of moonlight in a dimensionless substance of happenstance mischievous unleashing with spectral brilliance an animation of enchanted spirits perform for a court of angels who all perceive this place as paradise

a magical circle embedded in consciousness an emblem of the mind herald of dreams display luminous banners from a throne of imaginal space consumed by still unimagined delight filled the air thunder in spring time

This page contains original work from Mark Allen Shepherd. These compositions are here so his fans can see his work, please note that these are the exclusive copyright of Mark Allen Shepherd and can not be used or printed without his written permission.
“Talent and imagination are virtually the same thing. The only difference is that talent is the effective use of imagination.”