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The Man Behind the Mask

Mark Allen Shepherd

Born: 11:07Am January 7th 1961

Place: Rockville Centre, New York

An accomplished artist, Mark has numerous works of his abstract impressionist paintings, mixed media and photo mosaics used on the sets of Deep Space Nine as well as other television, films and commercials.

Plural Dolt; an absurd music theater group Mark performs with now in it’s tenth year has just finished it’s latest recording “Slappy Woot.” It’s like Frank Zappa meets Spike Jones on Forbidden Planet. Cartoony, Wild, and Zany. Plural Dolt plays in and around the Los Angeles area and plans on going on tour soon.

A diverse background in science as well as the fine arts, Mark has a Bachelor of Science from Roger Williams College and four years at California Institute of the Arts. His studies include: Music, Film, Theater, Performance, and Interdisciplinary Arts. Much of Mark’s work explores such abstract concepts as energy, consciousness, perception, multi-dimensionality, the transformation and mytholization of environment through a variety of media.

  • He is an artist and his work has been featured on Deep Space Nine
  • He has never been listed in the credits
  • It takes 90 minutes to complete the transformation into Morn
  • He may spend upwards of 14 hours at a time as Morn
  • Mark Allen Shepherd has a degree in Biology