Dividing Boundaries

When we will have erased all dividing boundaries of self, color origin, politic or ideology in order to include the environment, each other and the earth as an entity in and of itself as well as the rest of the universe connected inside and out. Only then will we be ready for what can only be described as a quantum leap into worlds of fantastic and unimaginable wonder, possibly even the nature of God. Maybe then we will regain a perspective that transcends anything like a name, A sense of reverence and respect that must have been common amongst our ancestors at a time when everything was sacred.

We have only to look within ourselves to find or rekindle a sense of the sacred and mythic imagination that somehow must be locked away in the hidden recesses of the heart, mind. Try to find it. It’s roots go deep and if the intellect radiates from it to greater and greater distances, the results touch not only the next generation but the but the next one and beyond.

At the rate at which things are changing now, remember that the day, night, sun, moon, stars and all the seasons are natures way of telling time. Enjoy the things you have now, especially family, friends, and loved ones. Treasure these things and find time to do the things you really love to do. Time is precious as all things are passing away.

This page contains original work from Mark Allen Shepherd. These compositions are here so his fans can see his work, please note that these are the exclusive copyright of Mark Allen Shepherd and can not be used or printed without his written permission.
“Talent and imagination are virtually the same thing. The only difference is that talent is the effective use of imagination.”