Newsletter October 2018

Greetings, salutations and warm regards from deep space nine and yes of course, Quark’s bar!  And what does Morn and do when he’s not sitting on his favorite bar stool talking everybodys ear off?…  I mean, besides gambling at the dabo tables, sparring with Worf in one of Quarks holosuites or enjoying his favorite breakfast; a delicious plate of slug livers…  Well, he does have his shipping business and now that Quark knows that Morn keeps liquid latinum in his second stomach, it’s a sure bet that Quark already has a plan of how he and Morn can do business together.

In 2018 Deep Space Nine celebrates its 25 Year Anniversary of the premier of ” The Emissary” the two part pilot episode and the first appearance of Morn on screen and sitting on his favorite bar stool in Quark’s bar.

The first week of January 1993 saw the first of 176 episodes that aired for the first time between January 1993 and 1999.  Morn appeared in 92 episodes which as it turns out happens to be more episodes then other cast members including Jake Cisco played by Cirroc Lofton who appeared in 71 episodes or Leeta played by Chase Masterson who appeared in 17 episodes plus others.

The first week of January 1993 also saw Morn on the cover of starburst magazine as well as a Morn action figure.  Hallmark cards began selling “Morn” party invitations.  TV guide magazine, the Los Angeles daily news TV guide insert magazine, Newsweek magazine, star trek magazine all featured pictures of Morn included in articles regarding Deep Space Nine.  And so began a dizzying parade of Quark’s favorite customer Morn in print as well as a character who has a reputation of talking everybody’s ear off.

Morn appeared on the cover of books, even comic books, trading cards even a 3D trading card, hallmark cards published a series of deep space nine fancy gift stickers that also included Morn.  There was an alien’s of star trek necktie with Morn the fifth alien from the top just below Quark.  Pocketbooks New York published the making of Deep Space Nine book, and the first chapter in the book is called “the funniest joke in the universe” about Morn and about how Mark Allen Shepherd came to playing the character role that changed his career.

The phenomenon of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and the popularity of Morn really began to take off when the production office told me that I was receiving fan mail and that I should pick it up from the production office.

A publicist for Star Trek Deep Space Nine told me outside stage 17 where quark’s bar and the promenade stage were filmed that in a recent meeting with Deep Space Nine productions, the producers and others spoke with the publicists about complaints they were receiving from the cast members who said that Morn was getting better publicity than they were.

The publicist then went on to tell me that it had nothing to do with them promoting the Morn character more but it had everything to do with the fact that they were currently receiving more requests for Morn in print then they were receiving for some of the other cast members.  This was a problem.  The publicist also told me that every piece of mail that I receive from a fan wishing to contact me that that represents 15,000 fans of Morn who like or have an interest in the character but were perhaps too shy to write in.

The amazing thing about all of this is that never in my entire career and indeed my entire life have I ever experienced anything close to the fanfare as I have from working on  Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  Imagine winning the lottery and over the course of the rest of your life you periodically receive reminders, like strips of latinum that you have won at the dabo table. So, Three Cheers for Star Trek, “Morn,” Deep Space Nine and the millions of fans without whom would this be possible… “Live Long and Prosper.”

May 2004 News Letter

Hello, Greetings and Welcome to my  website.  Feel free to browse as you like where within these pages  you will find  information on “Morn” “Quark’s Favourite  Customer” at Quark’s bar on the smash  hit television series  STAR TREK: Deep Space 9 and yours truly Mark Allen  Shepherd the  actor who played character of Morn from Pilot Episode to Season  Seven Finale.

You may also see some 24 works of Art by Mark  that  were used by the DS9 Art Department as Set Dressing on numerous  sets  including the Quarters of Jake Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Dr Bashir,  Commander Kira as  well as the Quarters of Guest Stars over the  course of the Seven year run of the  Show. Some of the same art  pieces were used as set dressing on the Star Fleet  Conference  Room Set during the filming of The Borg CD-Rom.

Mark’s art work often works as set dressing  on  the sets of various Television Shows, Feature Films and Commercials  and has  been used on the sets of such TV shows as Seinfeld, Coach,  LA Law, Sabrina the  Teenage Witch, Feature films like Galaxy Quest,   Blown Away, Fight Club,  Commercials like AT&T, Campbell’s  Soup, Molson´s Beer and many others.

Since the Finale of Deep Space Nine, Mark has  worked  on various projects not the least of which has been working with  long-time friend and collaborator JC Wegman on several Independent  Animated  Short Films of their own creation. “Just two guys in  a room with two computers”  The way Mark and JC jokingly describe  the Highly Charged and at times Chaotic  Torrent of Creative activity  that was the studio they worked in over the coarse  of over Two  and a half years. A great deal of which happened out of JC´s home  studio and the last almost a year happened out of a space rented  off the edge of  a trendy stretch of Melrose Avenue in Hollywood  California and just down the  street from Paramount Studios.

During that time Mark performed  a number of  jobs including Music Director, Sound Designer, Sound  Recording Specialist and  Editor, Digital Artist, Character Voices,  Computer Tech and Trouble Shooter. We  basically did everything  ourselves and I think neither one of us had a life at  that time.  That’s ok, we loved doing it.

In 2003 recorded „Morn to be Wild“ a parody of „Morn“ to the  tune „Born to be Wild.“ I first wrote „Morn to be Wild“ in 1996 at a convention I was at in Annaheim, CA. called a „Furry-Con.“(basically a convention for fans that love TV, Cartoons and other shows that have animal characters in anthropomorphic form.)

Very few people knew who I was or cared. Boy was I at the wrong convention. Anyway, I was sitting around on Saturday watching people dressed like Scooby Doo, the Pink Panther and looked at convention schedule saw they had a filk competion that night. I decided I was going to enter the competion and that´s when I wrote „Morn to be wild.“

To make a long story short I went to the filk competion,  performed „Morn to be Wild“ before a live audience for the first time and won second prize in the competion! Since then I´ve performed „Morn to be Wild“ at almost every convention to cheering fans. I´ve had several fans tell me that I should record it and even had a few offers from people who had a band or a recording studio. I finnally did it myself starting around Christmas 2002 and finnished it in March 2003.

It became the title song of my new CD „Morn to be Wild“ which has a total of nine songs: „Morn to be Wild“, „Bridge Over Yonder“, „Warp Factor 9“, „I SCI FI“, „HoloDay“, „M.O.R.N.“(a parody of L.O.V.E. a song I burned my voice out for a few days trying to sound a little like Luie Armstrong). „OOU Dax“, „Jumja Stick.“

It´s an ecclectic mix and fusion of different styles including Classic Rock, Classical with a Dance beat , Techno, Jazz, Regae and a few other twists. Very listenable and currently only available at the conventions I attend.

In Fall of 2003 I recorded and produced „Burning Thing“ parody of „Ring of Fire“ which I got the idea for listening to „Ring of Fire“ on the radio the day I heard Johhny Cash had passed away. And some days later heard that the Galileo Space craft was going to crash land on Jupitor.  I was scheduled to appear at the Galileo 7 Convention the following month and wrote the song for that occasion. It all seemed to fit together for a great idea. The cover art shows Morn riding the Galileo space craft(like some kind of cosmic motorcycle) burning up in Jupitors atmosphere.

„Burning Thing“ became the title song for a CD collection of four songs that I sing  including „Morn to be Wild“ remix, „Morn to be Wild“ and „M.O.R.N.“ My wife Tanja sings backup vocals on „Morn to be Wild.“ „Burning Thing“ was first released at Galileo 7 Convention in Hagen, Germany November 2003 and is currently only available at the conventions I attend while supplies last.

Currently spending time writing two books, photography, a music video and working on my new music CD. Will have more news on that next time. Have a convention in Paris, France the end of May and a film project I´m working on in June… again I´ll have more news on that soon.

I wish you all peace and well being.

Mark Allen Shepherd

March 2002

Greetings Earthlings, Morn watchers, Interstellar friends… Sentient, conscious manifest beings of multi-dimensional space time phenomena. Welcome to my website and thanks for coming.

In these pages you will find pictures, appearance dates and information about me as Morn, the character I played for seven seasons from pilot episode to season seven finale.Continue reading

November 2001

Hello, Greetings and Welcome to my website and thanks for coming. In these pages you will find pictures, appearance dates and information about me as Morn, the character I played for seven seasons from pilot episode to season seven finale.

You can also see over 20 pieces of art work of mine that were used as set dressing on the sets of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 as well as other interesting things about me. I hope you find it interesting and entertaining.

In the last few months I’ve been to conventions in Fargo, North Dakota; Goslar, Germany; and Berlin. As usual I had an excellent time, stayed up late, slept little and somehow still made it to all of my panels. For interviews, AV, pictures etc. from my most recent conventions in Germany check out some of these great sites…

I am very excited to announce that Morn will finally get his voice in Cyberspace as guest host of an internet show / chatroom for Enterprise the new Star Trek series. Decipher a company that will have me host a weekly 1 hour internet show / chatroom as Morn for the new Star Trek series Enterprise. Fans can log-on and participate in on going discussion and commentary on the show for ten plus weeks starting in mid-December possibly till the end of the Enterprise season in May. I’ll have a special Newsletter update when I find out more specifics on the show, so check back often.

Here’s wishing you the very best this holiday season.
Till next time remember…
The Future is Now so Make the Best of It.
Take Care. Peace*J Morn

April 2001

Hi There, Spring has Sprung! Everywhere (except the Southern Hemisphere) the life of new buds, leaves and flowers emerge from the cold dark winter. The I Ching (Chinese book of changes) represents Springtime with “Chen” a hexagram which translates approximately as “Thunder.” An excellent time of year for new ideas and promoting new projects.

I’m currently busy digitally remastering (soon to be released) “HunTon FunOne” a remix of “Slappy Woot” a Plural Dolt music Cd that I originally produced about five years ago. At that time we were distributing the recording as an audio cassette and were somewhat limited by the technology that we had at that time. Now, Wow is all I can say about the new CD. It’s like when they switched over from black and white to color in “The Wizard of OZ.” Anyway, I’m very excited about the changes think audiences will find “HunTon FunOne” my wildest and craziest Cd yet. You’ll tell your friends “WOW I’ve never heard anything quite like it… It’s like Frank Zappa meets Spike Jones on Forbidden planet… definitely Morn’s wildest and craziest CD yet!”

For anyone interested in the “HunTon FunOne” by Plural Dolt (my band) or want to check out my music in general go to where I do Music, Voices, Art etc. for cartoons produced by JC Wegman and myself. I should have a sampler for “HunTon FunOne” the NEW CD on that website soon along with information on how to order a copy. So check back often.

“SPOT MARK’S ART” on DEEP SPACE 9 a contest I recently started gives the Hardcore Trekkie a real challenge apart from figuring out the true significance and deeper meaning behind the characters and plots of various STAR TREK episodes. I mean here’s a real opportunity to for those who know more about STAR TREK than STAR TREK. I mean… is The Captain’s tupe really a Tribble in disguise or what? Hey, You can WIN!!! an autographed, personalized, RARE limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph self portrait of me as MORN or a copy of some of the cool art work I did that were used on the DS9 set’s as set dressing. Ok, Ok so it’s not a new car, a palm pilot, or an all expenses paid vacation for two aboard the new space station. But check it out… your odds of winning are a lot better than getting hit by lighting and you’ll have the satisfaction of being the first to find out something about DEEP SPACE 9 that very few people know or even care to.

Well, for those of you who went to Sydney, Australia in search of Morn in “The Land Down Under” this last February; The convention was cancelled and the date changed to August 4th, 2001. I’ve been writing to the producer of the show but have yet to have them confirm or cancel the new date which was set by them back in January. Hopefully I’ll have an update on that for you all soon. Check out the Conventions page for other exciting opportunities to meet Me, Mark/Morn. Till then..

“In The Future…” MORN

Mark Morn

October 2000

Hi There! Well, Another summer came and went and fall is finally here. Soon it will be Halloween

When I was growing up Halloween was one of my favorite holidays and like Christmas I would literally start counting the number of days till.Continue reading

July 2000

Greetings Earthlings, “Morn Watchers”, Interstellar Friends, Sentient Conscious Manifest Beings of Multidimensional space-time phenomena. Imagine an est. 35,000 fans attending what claims to be the largest sci-fi and popular arts conventions in the country held in a space the size of a football stadium in beautiful downtown Atlanta and you’re probably talking about Dragoncon.Continue reading