Morn Man Shepherd Toasts “Who Mourns?”

morn_drinkMorn Man Shepherd Toasts “Who Mourns?”

I have always been a huge Star Trek fan. Playing Morn on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a wish come true. It didn’t matter to me whether Morn spoke or not, but when the Star Trek writers and producers decided to make “Who Mourns for Morn?” I knew that it was the biggest compliment they could ever pay me. So, when Star asked me to write a piece to commemorate the 15-year anniversary of “Who Mourns for Morn?” I couldn’t resist.

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Mark Allen Shepherd Was Born to be Morn – Part 2

Mark Allen Shepherd Was Born to be Morn – Part 2

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Yesterday, Mark Allen Shepherd shared his memories of playing the enigmatic and popular – and unheard – character Morn for seven seasons on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Here, in the second half of our conversation with Shepherd, he talks more about Morn, recounts how the show’s production team came to use his artwork on set, and fills us in on what he’s been up to since DS9 ended its run.

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Mark Allen Shepherd Was Born to be Morn – Part 1

Mark Allen Shepherd Was Born to be Morn – Part 1

Mark Allen Shepherd Was Born to be Morn – Part 1 on

Mark Allen Shepherd’s story is one of Star Trek’s coolest, quirkiest and most unusual tales. For the entire seven-year run of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Shepherd played Morn, the alien barfly who frequented Quark’s, apparently was the life of the party, but never uttered a word – at least not on camera. Beyond portraying Morn, who was a Lurian, Shepherd appeared on DS9 as a Starfleet civilian and even as a Bajoran asked to sit in Morn’s usual spot at Quark’s after Morn’s supposed death. Shepherd also made cameos as Morn on Voyager and The Next Generation. And Shepherd’s contributions to Star Trek didn’t end there. Also a talented artist, Shepherd licensed two dozen pieces of his artwork to the DS9 production team, pieces which were used to decorate the quarters of several major characters, including Major Kira and Dr. Bashir. recently caught up with Shepherd, who now lives in Germany, for an exclusive two-part interview in which he recounted his days on DS9 and filled us in on what he’s doing now. Below is part one of our conversation, and be on the lookout tomorrow for part two. Continue reading