Morn Speaks: “Good You´re Here!”

It´s snowing again!… Spring can also com. ;) Here is the New Morn Speaks: “Good You´re  Here!” episode. Hope you enjoy it! If you like it please free to comment and let me know  what you think. I´m not a mind reader. Thanks.

Mark in the German News

This article was in the in the paper in Germany.



After several rewrites today, starting at 3am this morning, GRINSTON #9 script is final and is ready to film!


MORN Speaks: Of Hollywood

As promised MORN Speaks: Of Hollywood. Episode#4 The story of How I became Morn on my first day of working on the Pilot episode “Emissary.” Enjoy!

Morn Man Shepherd Toasts “Who Mourns?”

I have always been a huge Star Trek fan. Playing Morn on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a wish come true. It didn’t matter to me whether Morn spoke or not, but when the Star Trek writers and producers decided to make “Who Mourns for Morn?” I knew that it was the biggest compliment they could ever pay me. So, when Star asked me to write a piece to commemorate the 15-year anniversary of “Who Mourns for Morn?” I couldn’t resist.
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Morn Speaks: Top 10 list of things Morn would say

Morn Speaks: Top 10 list of things Morn would say (if you could hear him speak.)

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